Thursday, March 7, 2013

An early report

I'm back. I flew into Calgary at about 2 yesterday afternoon and Lynda was there to pick me up so with only carry on bags I was through immigration in a couple of minutes and back here in Fernie by 6 in the evening. Thanks to Air Canada for running a nice on time flight with more movies available than I have ever seen.

So here I am wide awake at 6 in the morning due to the time shift from the UK and doing a quick recap on what I think has been happening on the hill while I have been away. I am also getting pretty excited as it is puking snow, has been all night and is forecast to do all day -this is what I call a proper welcome back.

As I understand it things have been a bit weird. At first after I left there was awesome deep powder with great skiing on the previously closed areas around Snake Ridge and Red Tree Fence. After that it rained all day which destroyed most of the hill and then temps went way up to +8. The result was huge inbound avies which eventually closed the New Side for a day and a bit and even closed most of the Old Side - sounds like last weekend was a good weekend to miss. It then went cold (-12) and we had some new snow which has resulted the coverage repairing but apparently there are loads of death cookies from the avies lurking under the snow to catch out the unwary.

Reading the above you might have thought that I was away for a month for that range of conditions to have occured but it was only 7 days. Fernie has to be the only place on earth where you could get that range of conditions in the space of a week and still come back to what looks like a full on powder day.

Ah well, time to get up, make coffee, and head for the hills - wonder if I can remember how to ski after a week off. Read all about it this evening.

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  1. Looking forward to the next report Bill, looking like a power day!!