Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 68 more snow and more idiots

The "more idiots" relate to this morning's drive to the hill. It snowed about 8 cms overnight and maybe another 5 during the day. As we left the house this morning it was + 2 dropping to zero on the highway and going to -2 on Ski Hill Road. The result was that a bus had slid into the ditch on the newly formed ice and the way through was blocked by 3 morons trying to get up the hill in two wheel drive cars with all weather tires. Eventually a grader pulled one of the cars clear and I took the opportunity just to drive up through the gap that had opened - a short wheel base Ford Explorer in locked 4x4 with good snow tires can just about drive up the side of an iceberg. After we got through I think the road remained closed for about half and hour - morons.

The good news was that the hill was pretty deserted and we went to the New Side to get high and get good snow although a number of buddies who went to the Old Side told me that the low snow over there stayed pretty good all day.

Because of the late start due to morons we had a morning of -
Skydive - one board track had beaten us in there but it disappeared into Stag Leap. We had Skydive from top to bottom untracked, me on the left, Simon on the right and Lynda in the middle - it was great.
The Brain - a couple of tracks in the top disappeared and then it was wonderful soft untracked skiing all the way down.
Polar Peak/Pappa Bear/Mamma Bear - the chutes opened and Pappa was a bit patchy. Mamma was better with more blow in and some deep soft snow mixed with some hard pack in places.
Cougar Glades - there were a couple of tracks in front of us which disappeared right and then we had really good untracked tree skiing off to the left. We cut into Stag Leap which had a couple of tracks in but again there were mostly untracked lines availabe all the way to the base.
Polar Peak, Baby Bear - this was where all the snow had blown to and was awesome deep powder only lightly tracked.
Secret Chutes/Spinal Tap - whilst there were a few tracks in the chute they appeared and disappeared as you cut through the trees giving some good lines. Spinal Tap was untracked for the second day running and great skiing.
Baby Bear/Lone Fir/ Easter - what a finish before lunch. The baby was still soft and deep, Lone Fir had about 4 tracks in but was soft in the fan with untracked lines through the avi trees, Easter was tracked but soft.

Lunch was late so the afternoon was short -
Baby Bear/Decline/ Window Chutes - Baby as before and Decline still surprisingly lightly tracked. The tree drop into the chutes was untracked and the chutes themselves still had plenty of soft untracked snow.
Baby Bear/Lone Fir/Spinal Tap - Sixth time up Polar Peak and we were just learning that Baby Bear was deep, soft and filling in as fast as you could ski it. Lone Fir was still full enough with snow to cause big problems with your own slough and Spinal Tap still had lots of soft snow to cushion the jumping in and out of the creek bed.
Knot Chutes/Surprise Trees - a fill in on White Pass which was well worth while as the snow in both places was deep and soft.

Of course Skydive was the last run with the bumps in the top soft and the run in the mid sections filled in so that it was so smooth that big GS turns were the only way to ski it. A great day in fresh snow with loads of untracked stuff marred only by the mornings morons. Maybe some more over night (snow not morons) but these slightly plus temps are so unusual for Feb who knows how it will pan out.

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