Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 64 a short day and a drive to Calgary

Today I was going down to Calgary Airport to pick up Lynda who has been back in the UK for 10 days sorting out family stuff. The nice thing about flights from the UK is that by the time you are getting ready to go to the hill they have been in the air a couple of hours so +/- 5 minutes they are pretty certain of their arrival time. By simple math I worked out that I could ski until 11 then drive like the wind, not exceeding 100 clicks of course.

It was warm on the way to the hill this morning, it was about zero and also bluebird so it had the potential to be a very very warm one. I understand that by mid afternoon it was real spring skiing all over the hill.

We went to the Old Side and with Saturday crowds in the offing we decided to head out across Cedar as far as the boundary fence just to get awy from people. We dropped over into the Fish bowl and found it very slabby and crusty although with most of the tracks filled in. The conditions didn't justify a full trip to the bottom of the bowl so we cut out on Red Tree trail and if anything found it even more slabby than the Fish Bowl.

Kangaroo was bumpy and icey as usual and full of members of a family looking a bit lost. We took a run off the top of Boom down Boom Ridge which was a series of firm but not icey bumps which seemed to come at you at just perfect intervals to stay in the fall line.

We took a loop down Cedar Ridge which was firm but with a little blow in and really nice skiing wherever I went. Kangaroo was as before but minus the family. After that there was just time for a quick loop down Boom twice which was smooth and soft and great fast GS turns all the way down.

It's amazing how quickly 11 comes round and it was time to drive to Calgary. As I left town it was +5 in the valley. More amazingly as I turned on to Highway 2 in Nanton the temp was reading +13 which is high even for the praries in what I suspect was a Chinook, looking a wind strength.

Back at the house now and it is zero again. This is crazy weather and who knows what tomorrow may bring.

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