Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 43 a short report

The reason it is a short report is that I (no one would join me today) had  a great day on the hill and  then got in the Griz with my ski buddies and had far too much to drink. We are now heading out for a meal with my ski buddies Rob and Katie so the window to say anything is pretty small and anyway I have had far too much drink to remember.

The weather forecasters were calling for clear skies so we arrived at the hill to light snow falling and about 4 cms of fresh with a temp of -16. It stayed pretty cold all day and was -14 as we drove away from the hill. Later on it became bluebird so I guess the weathermen got it right in the end.

I went straight up Polar Peak and got a blue ski view of the snow storm in the valley below. Anyone who has seen this knows what an awesome sight it is and anyone who hasn't wouldn't understand and pictures wouldn't go any way to helping - trust me.

I did 3 loops off Polar before heading to the base via Stag Leap. Just like yesterday Stag Leap was great on top but as ugly as a bears ass in the final third. That was the pattern for the day, a loop back  off Polar Peak (always through Pappa Bear as Barely Legal and Grandpappa Bear were only lighly covered on yesterday's ugly conditions) then out to one of the far chutes (Mamma, Baby and Spirit Bear) to loop to base.

Hard to remember how it played out in my confused state but the loops seemed to be -
Stag Leap - great soft snow on top scratchy in the last third.
One Step Beyond - which may be called Easter Medows, super deep in the chute which was tight and steep and firm but ok in the fans.
Skydive -  as per Stag Leap.
Cougar Glades - surprisingly good with still some untracked lines in the left side trees. Because it finishes above the rest of the big three there was no scratchy section at the bottom.
Decline - as per Stag Leap.
There was probably more but i can't remember.

The best news of the day was that late they open Currie Head Wall with the Wimp Chutes. I was unable to find a ski buddy to go out there and as I have never skied the head wall (it is steep even by my standards) and errors there have consequences, I didn't get out there. I now have made arrangements to ski with experienced head wall skiers tomorrow so with any luck another first for me is on the cards.

Skydive was of course the last run and played out just as the big three had done all day. Far too much beer in the Griz - roll on tomorrow. Any day when you ski Polar Peak 13 times is good.

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