Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 32 risk of flurries

I have only headed today's report in this way as it is a quote from the official report on the RCR web site. I am rather puzzled that at the ski hill flurries should be considered a risk but as they didn't show up in any significant quantities I guess it isn't worth getting too excited about. Temps hung around -7 all day and the hill was socked in on top during the morning and the light got a bit better during the afternoon. During the day we had a little light mountain snow but no accumulation.

The crowds notched down yet again and to be fair, after last nights celebrations (by the way happy new year) we made a very late start for us (10 o'clock) and were still well ahead of the crowds such as they were. We figured Polar Peak would be clearing and went to the New Side to be ready if that happened.

First time up we didn't like to look of Polar Peak so we went out to Currie Creek. It was tracked hard pack that had bumps which were crisp and taking an edge. It may be assumed that every other run skied today was just the same unless indicated to the contrary. The bumps lower down came at particularly nice intervals and made for easy bump skiing.

Next we still didn't like the look of Polar so hit Cougar Glades. Nice bump skiing but a bit technical on the left hand lower exit where the guy broke v's 3,4,and 5 in his back two days ago. On the next trip up I couldn't resist Polar Peak any more and gave it a go despite being told by a patroller buddy that it was only about 1 % better than yesterday. He lied, it was about 2 % which still meant it was totally socked in skiing in a milk bottle (for the benefit of younger readers that is what we used to buy milk in before we had cartons) all the way down.

We had earned a rest so next round took Decline down which was big bumps in the top and smaller bumps for the rest of the run, all taking a nice edge. Whilst on this subject I am always amazed by the number of people who won't go and ski the big three because they say they don't like the drop after the bridge or the bumps at the top - for goodness sake it's just a one off or 8 turns to get through and you get great skiing - on the other hand keep thinking that way and leave the good stuff to then rest of us.

Last run before lunch was a rip down Skydive which was good but a bit chopped up by boot tracks where they had done the tourch display last night - quite surprising if you weren't ready for it.

In the afternoon I teamed up with a blog follower and great skier Spencer (hi) for some Polar Loops -

Polar Peak/Concussion - as we got to the top the light improved and we had a great rip down Pappa Bear in wind groomed soft snow. The steep chute into Concussion was good soft snow but it did get a little scratchy in the tighter bits of the chute lower down

Polar Peak/Currie Creek - this time I took Mamma Bear and Spencer took Baby Bear. Because the light had been bad these had been left alone so we had great untracked deep windsift all the way down. Currie Creek was bumped up but with soft snow on the right and a few technical turns to get through the choke at the bottom.

Polar Peak - just caught the last chair and had a great rip down Baby Bear with the light starting to go. I had the long slog round Trespass Trail to get back to White Pass so we could do the 4 o'clock Skydive drop. As before bumpy and some twigs starting to shown through but still the harder you push it the more fun it was.

Still no snow in the outlook, it could officially become a snow drought (7 days without real snow) by tomorrow evening.

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