Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 85 a day of 11 peaks

Not a title of the latest rather naff Warren Millar film but a statement of the fact that today was, for me, a personal best of 11 visits to the top of Polar Peak. Now I don't want to get involved with some bragging rights contest on who has skied the Peak the most as I have no doubt that out there somewhere is someone who has looped the Peak all day and could blow my total into the middle of next week. I'm just saying that I got up there for 11 great runs in the chutes today bringing my season total to 81.

The temps overnight dropped to -9 turning all the lower mountain which had been rather soft and slushy yesterday into some pretty hard, scratchy and ribby stuff low down. On top the snow remained in good shape and stayed that way all day. During the day it was mostly overcast. Yesterday's snow/grappel lifted the snow base to 272 cms and there was untracked, if not that deep, powder all over the hill.

We went to the New Side on the basis that Polar Peak was going to open for the first time in three days and that it should be the best skiing on the hill. When we got there the Peak was closed so we had a quick loop back through White Pass and Surprise Trees. There were no tracks into the trees as of today so whilst it would be hard to call them first tracks it was at least untracked snow on a soft base - very good skiing.

When we got back up Polar Peak was open. As is our (new) tradition we looped once back to the Polar Peak chair then took a chute before taking a drop to the bottom. First time we did Papa Bear which was great deep blow in, next Baby Bear which was ok in the skiers right but very scratchy on the left. We went to base via Concussion which had loads of blow in and was soft snow all the way down.

Next was another Papa Bear and then an attempt at Spirit Bear which we would have expected to have been soft - actually it was hard and icey which was a bit of a Surprise but it did get a little softer lower down. To base via Cougar Glades which were ok soft skiing all the way down but a little hard in the last couple of turns.

Last loop of the morning was taking Barely Legal lower than usual then looping back in the right of Papa Bear which was still soft and deep. Just for the crack we did the same again but took Papa Bear all the way down to the Reverse Traverse on the left shoulder which was great untracked skiing. To base this time via Lone Fir which was tracked but still soft all the way through the chute just like the Saddles used to be. Across Easter to Spinal Tap which was great with no new tracks since yesterday's grappel but a bit scratchy in the last couple of turns.

After a late lunch it was back up Polar Peak for a Barely Legal al the way through the lower chutes for the first time this season and then a next time a cut into Mama Bear in a tight little chute that starts lower down and doesn't seem to get skied. To base via Decline which was good soft bumps and Window chutes, this time dropping them straight from the top through the trees which were untracked. Exit of Window chutes was a bit scratchy.

Last time up Polar Peak was with two lift loops - Papa Bear and Barely Legal then a drop back into the Mama Bear tight chute which had filled in yet again with soft snow. To base via the Brain which had large untracked areas and only became difficult in the last couple of turns to get back out on to lower Skydive.

A quick time killing loop in White Pass was through Tight Knot and Surprise Trees both of which were surprisingly lightly tracked with good soft deep snow. Last rip was Skydive which was bumps in the top, great soft snow most of the way down and icey bumps just to finish - a great way to finish the day.

Snow in the outlook - here we go.

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