Saturday, January 28, 2012

No report today

As I feared last night Lynda's flight was on time just after noon so I had to leave for Calgary before the hill opened and got back after it had closed.

Of all the days to miss this wasn't a bad one. With good snow all week the weekend crowds would have been ugly and with no new snow the conditions would have been no better than ok. It is the weekend of the Kokanee snow dreams party so if we had been here there would have been a huge line up to get in the Griz bar and when we got there it would be full of strangers just up for the day who would not be interested in our usual sole topic of conversaion - skiing.

The drive to Calgary was ok with just a bit of wild life on the road. Temps stayed just below zero all the way there and back. Coming back through the pass there was quite a lot of blowing snow. As we arrived back in town it was starting to snow and although the air temp was -3 the snow was coming down wet which was a bit worrying. Watch this space for tomorrows report.

Welcome back Lynda


  1. I love this post Bill because it contains exactly the words that the rest of us say when we have to miss skiing for some good, practical reason and are trying to justify it to ourselves.
    Except, for most people, the justification happens 4 or 5 days each week, whereas for you so far I think it has only been once this season!
    Looking forward to hearing what you made of today.

  2. Yup, just once this season - today was a whole new ball game, tead all about it.