Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 31 More snow and more crowds

Just like yesterday we had crowds and we had some pretty good snow. Overnight I noticed snow when I got up for a pee and by the morning the official figures were another 8 cms of fresh and a base of 157 cms which seemed about right to me, but the good news was that the snow line was right down to the base of the hill.

On the way to the hill the temps were around zero and when we got there it was a wet icey drizzle (if that isn't a contradiction) at the base becoming light snow on top. This stopped quite soon and we had overcast conditions and no precip except for an incredibly heavy grappel storm towards the end of the day which sent down ice chunks about the size of 1 cent pieces - great fill in material to ski on. By the end of the day it was +2 at the base but still about -2 on top.

Once again we concluded that high was going to be good and just skied the New Side, a decision confirmed by a few buddies who gave the Old Side a try. We had also concluded that the new snow up high on yesterday's snow would be great but the question would be just how much the relatively thin layer of new down low would have improved the crust from yesterday - we were not disappointed.

As has been the habit of late we had a rolling openin inWhite Pass and the snow in Lift Line down from Timber was good powder and remained so all day. Viz at the top was not great so it was a grope down Gun Bowl every time but the powder was so soft it was always easy. When the shoulder of the I bowl dropped we had a crazy powder chase to get fresh tracks back under the chair which was huge fun and well worth while with great face shots.

While waiting for Currie we looped back through Surprise Trees and Triple Trees several times both of which had great sections but also had a firm base ready to catch you out. When the fence dropped on Currie we had a fantastic run thriugh 1-2-3s with face shots all the way down and then a quick flick into Bootleg glades which were ok in the top but a little scratchy lower down. We had noticed skiers dropping in from the far side of Currie and went to investigate.

The Reverse Traverse was closed at the County Line but the low traverse was open. As this is hard work particularly for boards it protected the snow and we had a good run down Concussion and Tom's folllowed by first tracks in Currie Creek and also Cougar Glades left (right had already been taken) before a late quick lunch.

In the afternoon we spent our time in Currie tracking out on the low traverse and getting great drops in the Concussion area particularly after the heavy grappel storm. Second to last run was Cougar Glades again where a far left adventure caused me to hit some submerged hazards and have a big but harmless stack. Final run was Skydive from the top ( totally awesome powder) and then an exit through Decline which was hard work jumping in the covered rain crust.

Spent some time in the bar tonight listening to a bunch of "experts" telling me how you can't access the stuff I skied today in Currie from the low traverse - may God keep them in that way of thinking and as a result keep them out of all the good stuff. Tomorrow could be the ugliest day of the year for for crowds which were pretty bad today but not as bad as yesterday - after that things should start to get a bit quieter. The trend is for cooling with snow next week so lets see.

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