Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 21 Really really beat up

I am not sure if am describing how the hill is at the moment or how I feel having been out skiing it all day, I guess a bit of both. Maybe a little dust on crust overnight but it might just have been some windsift. I went to the Old Side as I hadn't been there yesterday and found very much what I expected. Hard refrozen crud lower down, hard hard skiing up top and groomers that went from hard to slick bullet proof ice. As seems to be happening this year the wind was blowing much harder (and very cold) on the Old side sweeping large areas clear of any soft snow. The problem is that it didn't seem to be depositing it anywhere or at least if it was I couldn't find any. The high traverse across Cedar remains closed because of the avi risk and the poor viz on top suggests that patrol aren't going to be able to to much about it any time soon. I tried all the usual stuff - Boom, Boom Ridge, Linda's Cedar Ridge, King Fir etc and didn't find anything that wasn't hard tough skiing. Boom Ridge in particular was at it's icey, chunky, bumpy best (or worst depending on your point of view) and it wouldn't surprise me if I was the only person stupid enough to give it a go today. By 11 I had had enough and headed for the New Side. The New Side was in better shape but nothing to get excited about. The best snow probably was the drop under Timber in Lift Line cutting right into Big Bang or Lazy Locals all the way out and then Big Bang from the top. Spent the rest of the day mooching around the new Side looking for fresh snow without much luck. Surprise Trees and Anaconda Glades were about ok but hard work in chunky snow. Various Currie Chutes and Concussion were all ok in the top although the blow in was very grabby on the ski tips and the lower sections very hard. Easter bowl from the top is starting to get very tracked out and has become quite hard bumps from about half way down. The traverse out to Easter is starting to get tough after the bridge and it is my guess that it is now only a matter of time before there is a major stack there if some shovelling isn't done soon. First sign of the holiday season appeared on the last traverse where I encountered a group of 4 not just standing on the traverse (that's bad enough) but one of them was actually laying across it - I shared my thoughts with them on the subject on the way through. As with yesterday the last run was Skydive top, through the trees to Stag Leap and then out through lower Cougar Glades - still loads of fresh deep snow but twiggy. Things are not looking good with no new snow forecast for a few days and the base now down to 104cms which is the lowest it has been all season and way below opening day. The good news is that they are hanking the chairs onto the New Polar Peak lift some progress is being made there. Still sore even after a long hot tub.

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