Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 12 Whats this white stuff falling from the sky

The forecast had been for snow today, starting in the morning and continuing all day. I guess that pretty much is what we had although the fall rate was not great. As I type this (rather late due to a good session after seeing the Christmas train in town) it is still snowing after a sort and should continue into the night. We have probably had about 5 cms on the hill by now but how much more we get is anyone's guess - these convecitive systems can produce strange local conditions.
On the bright side I did discover in the pub tonight that patrol have called for and early start for tomorrow for bombing so at least someone thinks we are getting a good covering.
Today was Community Appreciation day on the hill when locals can ski free and get free lessons. As I have been saying every day, the crowds were not great, rather less than a normal Sunday and again we did not have to line up or share a chair lift with anyone all day.
We went to the Old Side and found the usual conditions. Far side of Cedar was ok on top but very twiggy lower down. Conversely Cedar Ridge and King Fir were scrubby to get into but nice tracked powder once you got going. Just for a change we tried several ways down Cedar ridge and found good skiing all over.
Also as usual Linda's Boom Ridge, Boom Bowl and Bear chutes provided the best open skiing with not too many early season hazards on a fairly hard skier packed base. With temps holding at -5 and the snow starting to set in we headed to the New Side.
Just like yesterday the far side of Currie Bowl was closed to allow work on the new Polar Peak lift, viz was so poor at the top of White Pass I am unable to comment on how the lift is coming along. We restricted ourselves to looping back to White Pass through either Surprise Trees or Triple trees both of which were ok and got better as the snow fell. Trips to the base were via Anaconda Glades which also improved as the day went on.
By late afternoon we were cutting out to the far side of Currie by crossing below the closure signs and then traversing as hard as we could to get into Currie chutes. As this traverse was proving too hard work for most skiers and impossible for boarders the new snow was accumulating nicely out there to give some nice boot deep untracked powder. Last run was cut into Cougar Glades which was much improved by the new snow.
Only one quick beer after skiing and then a trip down town to see the CP Christmas Train pull into town and listen to the band. The first time I have ever done this while it was actually snowning so quite a treat for me.
And so to bed to see if the morning brings a powder day.

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