Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 107 can you believe another awesome day powder skiing at this time of year

It looked like it had snowed a little overnight and the reports from the hill said 7 cms of fresh snow. When we got to the hill temps were hovering around -1 and although they warmed in the base area probably stayed around -1 on the upper hill all day. With the precip starting as wet snow in the low section the obvious choice was to go to the New side and get stuck in to the fresh powder that was starting to roll up. For the record the snow just kept coming all day and by the end was piled up over our knees in all the chutes and even though it was a little chunky down low it was great. Lynda had a few jobs to do first thing so it was left to me and Rob to trash things as best we could. Just like yesterday it was either Mitchy chutes or the trees between Big bang and Lift Line every time on the way down from Timber and they were all steep, deep and mostly untracked all day. We went to Skydive and, yes, it was untracked yet again - we trashed it top to bottom in deep fresh which had covered even the roughest death cookies in the lower section. Next we dropped Knot chutes where we had to hold up to let the sloughs on the hard surface rip out which at least saved the patrol a bit of ski cutting. Anaconda was even more scarey when we made the first turn in the second chute then had to call a time out when the whole side of the hill came alive as our sloughs (avies?) went out trough the whole of the glade area. Bootleg through the trees was similarly a race to stay ahead of the slough. After that it was Decline/Window chutes, Cougar Glades, and then Secret chutes/ Spinal Tap in a series of loops. In every case if we didn't get first tracks there was only one or maybe two tracks in front of us. It seems that although there were cars in the parking lot and people in the day lodge and on the lifts, there was no one in any of the parts of the hill that we wanted to ski, great for us. After lunch I got back on the hill and linked up with Lynda who was now back skiing but it took me two loops through Surprise trees (totally awesome) to get in sync so we could meet up. We then looped Knot chutes/Gotta Go which was just so deep, particularly into the top of 3s and Bootleg (still good) before having to do yet another Surprise Trees to link up with Rob and Fred. By this time it was pretty apparent that the snow at the bottom was wet (it never quite became rain) but as it was so late we decided that going to base was no problem as we would be able to dry out later in the bar. Quick loops of, The Brain - awesome snow in the top if a little chunky in the lower section of Skydive. Secret Chutes/Spinal Tap even better than in the morning. Final rip down Skydive, totally deep and totally good. Beer, wings night, fairly early night. Tomorrow could be an even more awesome powder day if the forecasters can be believed.

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