Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 74 another 15 cms and an awesome day

Overnight we had another 15 cms of fresh on top of what we had already had giving us over 30 cms of fresh in the last 48 hours and a base of over 275 cms so looking at the forecast there may well be a 3 metre party sometime next week. The problem was that this time it snowed in the town as well so everyone knew we were on for a great powder day and as a result everyone turned up at the hill. Matters were made worse by the fact that they were still heli bombing the ridge lines when we arrived so the Old side was closed until the results were assessed and on the New side only Timber chair was open at first.

We took an initial run back through Siberia ridge which was like a great fluffy terrain park in the bottom section with plenty of untracked lines. We then waited about half an hour at White Pass for it to open but when it did everything (Knot Chutes, Anaconda Glades, Currie bowl, the County Line) I mean everything except the Saddles was open - awesome.

Not much point in going through the day run by run as we stayed on the New Side and just tried anything and everything all of which was good. So good in fact that I skied through with no break (except a minor yellow snow break) and got in a solid 7 hours uninterupted powder skiing. A buddy in the bar said that the Old Side was pretty awesome which I am sure it was but I will leave that for tomorrow when hopefully the Cedar High traverse will be open. Highlights of the day included -

Arriving at the top of Skydive first thing with Rob and Lynda to find it totally untracked and hitting it me on the left, Rob on the right and Lynda down the middle - awsome.

The Brain untracked so that you could fly the big rolls in the middle section without having to slow down.

Lone Fir with Rob decideing to cut into One Step Beyond with me because it was scraped out and I was in untracked powder.

Spinal tap that had filled in so deep that you had top drop your skis into the fall line to keep going.

Decline into Window chutes where you could more or less straight line Decline and hit the log drop looking for maximum air.

The 6 diamond drop with Knot chutes, Anaconda Glades and Bootleg Glades where all over the biggest danger was being barreled out by your own slough.

Many, many more runs all over the New Side all of which were excellent in deep powder either untracked or only lightly tracked.

A great finish where me and a buddy Randy hit the far side Knot chutes ( he took Slim and I took Jim) then a skate back to White Pass for the final rip down Skydive where both of us spent more time with our skis in the air than on the ground.

Right up there as a great day followed by too much beer, hot tub, more beer and then relax with beer. Time for bed and to look forward to the next day or two which promises more snow.


  1. You're absolutely spot on Bill. Yesterday was fantastic skiing. We did much of the same that you did and found the same conditions!
    I've been following your blog for most of the season and have to ask; where is The Brain & Spinal Tap? Do they drop off the side of Decline?

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the comments,it was a great day.
    The Brain is where you start to ski Skydive and just after the split with Decline you drop into the trees between Skydive and Decline and the follow the creek bed either left or right all the way down in the tight trees.
    Spinal Tap is the left hand Window chute. The main Window chute is accessed by dropping left off Decline from the logging trail and then hitting the wide stream bed with the big log drop about half way down.
    Spinal Tap is best accessed from the Easter bowl side and then drop left into aquite tight stream bed which has a fallen tree half way down which you used to be able to duck but with the fill in is now about waist height.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks for responding back Bill, and for your info on where some of these places are! A couple days ago we found some great skiing off the left side of Stag through the trees, and now I think I will need to try The Brain! Apparently I have gone down Spinal Tap before (last year), though never knew the name!