Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 13 another good day by early season standards

Temps continue to fall so that it was -8 on the deck this morning and during the day it didn't really rise much above -4. We had a fair bit of sun between the clouds and also on and off light flurries all day which weren't really enough to give any accumulation.

Tonights report is going to be real short as we have buddies round for a hot tub party with food about to be delivered by the ever reliable Boston Pizza.

It was a complete re run of yesterday. We went to the New side and stayed there all day hitting out across the County Line and dropping in. Just like yesterday it was very good at the top and a bit crispy from about quarter way from the bottom. If anything the snow had dried out a little and was a bit lighter but places such as Lift Line were still rough as a Bear's ass.

We did cross Lazy Locals all the way to Mitchy Chutes today which was in much better shape than Big Bang had been earlier in the day. Runs off the top were Decline (twice) Stag Leap (a bit scratchy at the bottom) Cougar Glades (twice) Secret Chutes, Easter bowl, several Currie chutes and Skydive twice ( last time a really good head to head race with a buddy for the beer in the bar).

Great days skiing with good blow in powder on top and a hard base at the bottom. Sorry for the short report but the pizza man has just arrived and Rob and Katie need more beer. More details tomorrow.

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